02C6E: Geekery Compression

Thursday - Roast Chicken

In anticipation of the debut of the second season of Reacher, I've been blitzing through Bad Luck and Trouble, the eleventh novel in the series and the primary basis of this season. The show is totally solid on its own and we loved the first season even without book knowledge. But I want the full experience going into season 2. I was all ready for the episodes to drop after lunch, but it seems for the Philippines they won't go live until midnight (GMT!). And to think that I've paused reading Project Hail Mary, which is our current family book club title and one heck of a great read as well. I'll get back to that soon enough and finish it before our next meeting.

While waiting for Reacher, we finally finished the fourth and final season of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, and it was a pretty good wrap-up for the series. The show really grew into its own over the years and its a shame that they stopped making it. Then again, John Krasinski is pretty busy with his own projects by now, so I totally get the need to move on. He made a very interesting Jack Ryan, to say the least.

In other news, our copy of the new standalone expansion Dune: Imperium - Uprising just arrived, and I think we can squeeze in a few games this weekend as I'll be in Singapore next week. I've been looking forward to this game since it adds things like spies and the option to ride sandworms to the game, which is pretty cool. The only thing I've been weighing is whether or not I'll splurge for the custom premium sleeves like what we got for the base Dune: Imperium, but they're not exactly my favorite sleeves in the world as the custom art back has a tendency to peel. I may just go with standard sleeves for this copy...but that'll make it harder to possibly mix in cards from the base game and its expansions. Full interplayability will mean needing to match sleeves...which means more of an investment.

The real question is why didn't I get more sleeves when I pre-ordered the new game? Totally missed out for one reason or another, but I'll figure out what to do soon enough. I'll probably time it for my next Dire Wolf purchase as getting sleeves alone is never worth the shipping. 

Ah well, gotta make the most of the geekier I get done at the Sietch before Singapore.