02C6C: Reading Challenge Update

Tuesday - Keto Mushroom Pasta

I've been steadily whittling away at my reading challenge for the year and I'm down to being 8 books behind pace, which means I need to finish another 28 titles before the end of the year. On a tangentially related note, I also gave into recent Kindle Rewards double points days and have been adding a significant number of ebooks and digital comics to my collection for one reason or another - as if I didn't already have more than enough books to read. I'd like to think that my upcoming trip combined with the holidays should give me more time to read. Then again, I'll also be juggling quality time with the family and that may result in less reading time. 

Getting to this year's reading challenge is going to be rather tight. 

Another thing that has been passively encouraging me to continue to buy books are various Kindle book deals all over the place. Beyond the basics of the Daily Deal email, I have other things to count on like the monthly deals on Star Trek books that Simon & Schuster runs regularly. And subscribing to services like BookBub also highlights a weird mix of discounted and even free ebooks that I end up adding to my Kindle library just for the heck of it. I might as well have subscribed to Kindle Unlimited or something given the regularity that I add weird books to my queue.

One weird niche is the many dollar LGBT romance novels that have found their way into my recommendations. It's not even like I read a lot of these nor do I expect the books I've gotten on sale (or for free) to be all that good. I should throttle down on this sort of thing moving forward...but we'll see. 

Enough blogging for now. I have more reading to do...among other things.