02C6B: Incoming TV Wave

Monday - Corned Beef Cabbage Stir Fry

With my upcoming trip to Singapore, Tobie and I have avoided starting a new K-Drama due to a lack of time in general and we've either been watching Korean movies or just working through our existing queue of shows. I thought it was a sufficiently smart choice to just keep watching Jack Ryan on Prime Video since we still haven't finished the show, but looking at the overall calendar we have a LOT of new content dropping over the next few weeks. And a lot of them are shows that I only want to watch together with Tobie.

Reacher is going to go live on Prime Video this week and that's a show I'm still more eager to watch versus Jack Ryan. They're dropping three episodes this week and then will revert to a weekly model after that, so I'll probably content myself with waiting until I get back to watch it. However, my sister is also quite into the series and I suspect we'll end up watching episodes while we're together for the holidays. 

What If...? will also stop debuting on Disney+ next week just when I'm in Singapore as well. And since our Disney+ account doesn't work outside the Philippines, arranging for some sort of remote viewing with Tobie may prove too difficult over the holidays. I also expect the Doctor Who Christmas special will also debut during the holidays and that fits into this same scenario. 

The latest seasons of Slow Horses and For All Mankind are also in progress, but that's just fine since we haven't gotten around to resuming either show beyond their respective first seasons. 

The holidays are really a great time for good television. What will you be watching?