02C6A: Weekend Geekery Audit

Sunday - Ark Nova

Our big family board game night with Dad and my brother ended up being just one game because the game in question was Ark Nova. And that's a BIG game to learn and play so it took us the whole night to get through it. But I'll never say no to this game because it's great and I'm glad that we got to introduce it to them.

We still had some time after they left, so Tobie and I managed to go through Spirit Island again. It's another game that we had picked during the lockdown period and I hadn't realized that last night was our third playthrough of the game. We're still playing the starter spirits using the basic rules and we managed to repel the invaders each time (so far). I think we're ready to teach the game to friends now and probably test out at least the full game or maybe even start to explore some of the expansions.

Our other activity for last night was watching the third Doctor Who special right after it debuted around 02:30am. "The Giggle" gave us a very interesting new iteration of The Toymaker as portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. This episode also gave us a very different regeneration sequence that I'm sure the fandom will be quite divided over in the weeks and months to come. I had my reservations about it initially but I think the idea is growing on me, as is the way of these things. Kudos to the creative team for trying to explore new things in the show - something that's not easy given a 60-year legacy to work around.

Today we had our last Pendragon RPG session for the year, and it was a pretty good one. We'll resume the campaign come January, but at least we got to play one more time this month. Scheduling always gets rather tricky around the holidays so any game session that pushes through is a big of a blessing as well. 

Other entertainments for the weekend include watching the remaining episodes of the variety show Korea No. 1 on Netflix and trying to get caught up on Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime video.