02C69: Late Friday Night Board Games

Saturday - Red Cathedral

After yesterday's company Christmas party, I got home in time for a couple of board games with one of our regular Friday friends. We played a total of three games (but 4 sessions) - Red Cathedral, Color Field, and Legendary Encounters: The Matrix. The last game was the one we had to play twice because we were defeated surprisingly fast due to a weird series of circumstances, but that's just how deckbuilding games work. 

The first game was technically an older game in our collection but one that we haven't been able to introduce to more of our friends. It's the consequence of many of the games that we acquired during the lockdown period and got rather limited playtime. And it takes a bit of recall to know which games people have played or not - that or tracking game plays via something like BoardGameGeek. And there are a lot of gems that we're still trying to effectively cyle through.

The second game was completely new - the third game in the Kickstarter project together with Agueda and Donut Shop. And this was another fairly solid game that has some depth but is still pretty quick to teach. They definitely delivered on the promise of an interesting mix of tile-laying games of different types and I'm not yet decided on which of the three games is my favorite.

Finally, The Matrix game is really fun to explore and it reminds me of the early days of playing Legendaary Encounters: Alien, when we still didn't know the scenarios very well so each new set of movie-related cards was super exciting. We still haven't actually played through all of the expansion content for that game and playing the Matrix games is getting me nostalgic for those ones. Heck, we haven't even finished the Firefly episodes because of that iteration of Legendary Encounters is super hard.

And to top it all off, I managed to win an online auction for a supposedly sealed copy of Red Rising. I haven't read the books but I have been keen on further exploring more Stonemaier games. Now I have managed to do so at a pretty decent discount and I've also added the Red Rising books to my Kindle wishlist for sale monitoring and near-future consideration. 

Good geeky times.