02C68: Party Friday

Friday - Illusion Pub Grill

Given yesterday's Invisible Sun RPG session and making the poor decision of finishing the rest of hbomberguy's nearly 4-hour video on YouTube plagiarism, I slept a little later than planned. That resulted in me waking up with barely enough time to exercise and thus I completed the workweek with "just" daily yoga. I haven't been doing more serious aerobic or strength stuff lately for one reason or another. I've still been hitting my steps at least, but I have been feeling guilty over this week of lower impact activity. Le sigh.

As previously mentioned, today was a relatively light work day, but still a busy day overall. Had some good (virtual) face time with the folks who were still working today and made sure to clear my queue before ending my day. That's always a nice way to end the week.

Big event for the night was our company Christmas party. We're at that awkward stage where we're too big for most venues but not big enough for major activity places either. So we tend to look for spaces with decent areas we can cordon off, which means specific function rooms, some bars and KTV establishments.

This year we ended up at a bar and they nicely "upgraded" us to a semi-private area that actually served pretty well as a party space. And man, this year we even had games and I'm glad they had moved us to this quasi-room - I say quasi since people would occasionally pass through to get the bathroom. But it was nice to gather the team in person given we're mostly remote. It's always a joy on its own to see everyone interact - I'm totally happy just watching.

We kept the program light so that we wouldn't take too much of everyone's time. In terms of design, definitely wanted the night to be fun yet not run long enough for people to get annoyed. Plus there was talk of people making plans to go out together after, so that was kept in consideration as well.

I wonder if we'll be able to level things up next year. Will we have even more crazy folks added to the team of will we see a larger change in our roster that'll just cycle things around and then we'll have entirely new types of interactions to observe? Only time will tell.