02C61: Pre-Weekend Sprint

Friday - Sayote and Giniling

Welcome to the end of the workweek! Congrats to everyone who made it this far. For those who are on a different work schedule...carry on.

As always, we have a fairly full slate ahead. We're gaming with friends tonight - they'll be coming over to the Sietch as is our way. We have a bigger game night set for tomorrow that will take the whole night and that's going to be a lot of fun. Then Sunday we have an online RPG session for Horror on the Orient Express followed by a family dinner. That's quite a lot to get through.

In the subject of my reading efforts, I'm getting a little worried since I need to finish reading a total of 47 titles within this month because December marks the end of the road for 2023. I should be able to do it, but it'll mean a lot of strategic reading to get to the end. This means this is not the time to tackle the likes of War and Peace and such. With the addition of our family book club and my efforts to continue to read business books for work, I'm juggling a total of 6 titles in my Currently Reading list (as per Goodreads), which is a little bonkers. But with my digital reading on my phone consolidated to the Kindle app alongside my actual Kindle, I think I'm well-poised to hit the goal. But I have to put a bit more effort in order to cross that finish line. 

I've hit my reading goal for 7 years now. I'm not going to quit now.

Have a good weekend, folks. You deserve it.