02CE3: Board Game Storage Catharsis

Friday Cabbage Mix

Typhoon Egay is already out of the country's area of responsibility but it left a fair amount of rain in its wake. And it seems we have Typhoon Kahnun (international name) skirting the edge of our territory, which is also contributing to intensifying our monsoon rains. It has added a rather gloomy start to the weekend and already social media is rife with stories of friends trapped in this or that part of Metro Manila. I am extra thankful that Tobie and I generally work from home, but it still means it's harder for friends to come over to play board games.

And board games are the priority.

On that subject, I made some serious progress last night in clearing space by finally throwing out a bunch of our empty expansion boxes last night. I had promised that I would do this, but I finally worked up the nerve to do that just last night. I had filled four large garbage bags full of empty boxes and there's probably still room to clear even more such boxes around the Sietch.

That brings us to the next phase, which is trying to condense existing games and their expansions into as few boxes as possible. For this, I've started to appreciate the power of third-party board game inserts that help you store expansion materials within the base box of a particular game. Not all storage solutions are equal and some just try to pretty up the storage of the main game alone, which is cute but indulgent at this point. I've gotten to work with a few inserts already based on local availability and I have a fair number of pre-orders in queue as well. I could be more aggressive in getting inserts, but we're also trying to support friendly local sellers, so I'm being patient.

The other elephant in the room is our collection of Legendary Marvel cards. This deckbuilding juggernaut now has over 6,000 cards across its many expansions in an effort to capture as much of the Marvel Universe as possible into specific character decks. We love this game but haven't had a chance to play it recently because the sheer number of cards as gotten rather overwhelming. For as long as we can't efficiently store cards in a way that makes it easy to set up future games is a major problem and I want to fix this. I've talked to the same seller for possible storage solutions but all of these will take some time to ship over so we'll have to sit tight until maybe the last quarter of the year.

It's all nerdily exciting if you think organizing stuff and making space is exciting. Maybe this means that it's another interconnected hobby that ties all this geekery together - playing board games, collecting board games, and making space to store said collected board games. 

Happy weekend, folks. Stay dry.