02CE2: Aliens And TV Endings

Thursday Mushroom Pasta

Before I talk about more personal things, can we take a moment to highlight that a US House Oversight Committee had a hearing about aliens? You'd think that members of the US military and intelligence services coming forward to confirm the existence of aliens (and a related coverup) would be a bigger deal, but I guess it's not? I suppose it doesn't help that they didn't exactly share compelling evidence apart from their sometimes vague first-hand testimony. Supposedly they're willing to share more information behind closed doors as they view the existence of extraterrestrials to be a threat to national security (of course).

If there is a government coverup as the individuals claim, then I suppose the lack of more fanfare about all this makes sense. It just means that Congress is in the dark about how the various administrations have been dealing with such events or...this hearing is part of a larger "show" they're putting up to placate more diehard alien advocates or whatever we want to call them. Either sound like perfect conspiracy theory fuel, as is often the case. So all the more it becomes difficult to unearth the potential truth about these things. And thus the alien news cycle continues over and over again.

In lighter news, we actually go to the end of the Secret Invasion series on Disney+, and MAN, how could a lackluster show end so terribly? The main thing that has kept me going is the joy of Olivia Colmann as a spymaster character (SO PERFECT), but beyond that, the overall story was just weird. But that finale was...painful.

In contrast, we stumbled on the end of the first season of Hospital Playlist, mainly because Trakt had indicated there would be 13 episodes when in fact there were only 12. So I kept thinking tonight's episode was the penultimate one but instead, it was an ending of sorts. But unlike most Korean shows, it was clear that they had strongly hoped (or planned) for a second season given how many character stories were left unresolved at the end - a rarity given how much such shows are rather one-and-done.

I'm not sure if we're going to start a new K-Drama first or if we'll go straight into the second season of the show. In the meantime, we're more likely to continue savoring the season 2 episodes of The Bear and looking forward to the upcoming musical episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

One more day until the weekend!