02CDF: Workout Struggle Cycles

Monday Pork Steak

Today we have a typhoon blowing through the country, a transport strike, and today was also the President's second State of the Nation Address. So yeah, a lot of less-than-ideal news for the day. But we don't let bad news get in the way of starting the week well.

My workout efforts are still a bit of a struggle. I was so sure that last week's efforts had me on the brink of an injury again given how my back was feeling by Saturday morning, but I didn't carry that with me to Monday. I'm still trying to pace things responsibly so I don't overdo it. Thus I'm still sticking to various beginner-level bodyweight exercises more than anything else. 

At least I did work up the nerve to do some resistance band work last week - the first such exercise in months. Then again, all of this physical activity is a first after me sticking to yoga week after week after week. That's been an internal debate of its own, but I'm trying to get over it. In the meantime, I'm taking things one step at a time or at least one workout at a time.

I've yet to reach a point where I haven't done any sort of physical activity for the day. I'm still hitting my 12,000 daily step goal and I'm keeping up with my need to walk 250 steps every waking hour. I also keep trying to hit my Active Minutes goal, but it's harder when you don't do any serious cardio. Admittedly, it has become easier to embrace getting back into more serious workouts since they make hitting that goal a heck of a lot easier. Silver lining!

We were hoping to get a massage tonight, but the rains derailed those plans. At least tomorrow is going to be a yoga day for me, so that'll have to do for now. 

Stay safe, everyone.