02CDE: Sunday Time Utilization

Sunday Leftovers

Last night at O Bar was fun, as always. We had a smaller group with us at the time this time around and there weren't as many familiar faces at the bar, but we still had a lot of fun. We tried to moderate our alcohol intake given  (1) there weren't as many of us to share an additional bottle of vodka and (2) we still had other plans for Sunday.

Sunday itself was pretty good. I managed to make time for yoga while Tobie attended a gaming event. Then we had our Pendragon RPG session for the month and we're at that point in the game where most of us are transitioning to new characters. When you're playing a muli-generational campaign like The Great Pendragon Campaign, you will inevitably go through a number of characters. Sir Eliot will now be my third knight in the game thus far, which isn't too shabby since I've yet to lose a character to in-game death. Not that dying is necessarily bad - as long as it serves a good narrative purpose. 

It's always tricky to get into a new character. It's like trying on a new pair of shoes and you need a bit of time break in the persona and how you want to portray them in the game. Sir Eliot still feels very middle of the road of this point and I want him to become more of a Romantic Knight (period appropriate) but still one who embraces the thrill of tournaments without being too much of a dick. I don't think I want him to become borderline hedonistic or anything in this story, but I do want him to be more laidback versus my other characters in this game thus far. It's still very early but we'll see how things will progress as the game continues on. 

Finally, we're going to wrap up tonight by attacking more of the Quatro City game puzzle that I had gotten via Kickstarter. The first "chapter" was okay but clearly, there were some translation challenges for the game content. But they really tried to tell a whole other story, and I want to acknowledge that fact. I still like Quezzle a bit more than this one, but it's too early to make a proper assessment until we go through the entire story.