02CDD: Saturday Status Change

Saturday Gaming Friends

So...is the community quarantine officially over given Marcos had declared an "end" to the COVID health emergency. So I guess I'll no longer maintain my days in quarantine count - and we were just a day short of a full 175 weeks. 

I'm not upset about this news. It largely follows how countries around the world had been handling the pandemic. COVID is still a concern, but it's already at a level that is relatively manageable. And let's face it - you can't maintain any sort of state of emergency of years and expect people to handle things responsibly for that long. Fatigue eventually slips in or just a lack of concern because there are more pressing issues of the day.

Anyway, that news aside, last night was fun. We had a special game night for a friend's birthday and ended up playing two massive games - A Feast for Odin and Great Western Trail. Just getting through those two games (without expansions) took us all night all the way sunrise. At least I won one of the games haha

Today we took things easy. I got a foot spa while Tobie caught up on RPG session documentation. Thankfully I didn't get caught by any rain during my walk home and Tobie and I had a nice Sariwon lunch at home whole watching a puppet production of The Wolves in the Walls, which was rather qint given their creative efforts to bring the book to life. 

Then we spent the afternoon trying to tackle Quatro City, another of my puzzle-based mystery games. The experience doesn't feel as polished as Quezzle but it's still quite interesting. We only managed to assemble one quadrant of the city so we still have a ways to go.