02CDC: Media Queue Updates

Friday Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1224

The weekend is upon us! And clearly...everyone is watching either Barbie or Oppenheimer at the theaters. I had considered booking us tickets, but every time I check availability, we're down to the crappy seats at the sides, so we'll wait for now. More likely we'll try to sneak in some  movie time mid-week. But the unintended vitality of these two movies showing at the same time has created an significant degree of interest in both movies. I strongly especially both will have excellent box returns that will be able to attribute a lot of their success thanks to the memes.

In more domestic entertainment, we're almost at the end of the first season of Hospital Playlist, our active K-Drama. Like many such shows, it took us a bit of time to really warm up to the cast but now it feels like we don't want things to end. We've heard mixed things about the second season - a rarity among Korean shows. So we'll see how things go. Our favorite character is totally Ik-Jun, the father. He's just so endearing and the way his character does so much to help his friends and patients is so heartwarming.

For more recent entertainment, we're coming to the end of Secret Invasion, which is a far cry from the comic book event it was based on. Maybe they'll turn things around in the finale. At the very least, Olivia Colman is a treasure and one of the must-see highlights of the show. We're also still trudging through the latest season of Sweet Tooth, which is still interesting but hardly feels like a show we need to rush to finish. We've also just started on the second season of Foundation, but that show is following a weekly episode model, so we'll inevitably take more time.

We're more likely to finish the second season of The Bear that just dropped on Disney+. This is totally the sort of show that grips us and we can't help but want to see what will happen but also hope that it never ends. We're also blitzing through the last season of Never Have I Ever, but that's more because (1) the episodes are conveniently short and (w2) Netflix is still the most convenient streaming platform for binge watching.

The only other big TV projects all seem to be related to espionage. These shows need a lot more brain power in order to keep up with the myriad plots and conspiracies, which limits when we can watch them. We're still working through The Americans and have yet to go back for the second season of Slow Horses. Then we're also in the process of restarting Jack Ryan while we have an active Prime Video subscription.

So what are you watching this weekend?