02CD9: Small Wins and Food Experiments

Tuesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1221

Minor work revelation: it turns out Change to Strange is the source of ideas lagging indicators and leading indicators that had come up during our recent workshop. Encountering these terms so early in the book acted as further reassurance that this is probably a book truly worth reading to help in our efforts. I had felt the same way after getting to the hedgehog chapter in Good to Great and finally understanding what the heck that was supposed to mean in a business context. 

It's the little things that help to keep work interesting. My best moment of the day is a toss-up between getting to that chapter of the book or figuring out a particular invoicing function in QuickBooks. Such fun.

In other news, we've been trying out different restaurants at SM Aura lately as part of our pre-grocery routine. Before, we'd typically eat at the Food on Four food court and then head back down to the basement to get our usual supplies. But sometime while we were away they closed both the food court and the movie theaters as part of a larger renovation effort. So since then, we've been without more affordable food options.

SM Aura is hardly known for affordable eating, what more economically viable and keto-friendly options. This has resulted in us giving places like Jin Joo another chance or trying out other places that we've never eaten at before. We had first eaten at Jin Joo before the pandemic and the crew could hardly keep up with the weekend crowd. It turns out that they've either gotten better at managing things or it's just better to eat there during weeknights when there are fewer customers to compete with. 

Today we tried Honolulu HK Cafe, although before I had only really noticed the buns they had on display versus the Hong Kong cafe aspect to things. It wasn't the best restaurant experience but at least we tried it out, so that was something new at least. If anything, it gave me and Tobie a lot to talk about during the meal.

Were it not for the supermarket, we really wouldn't have a reason to go to SM Aura. That's even more true now while the cinemas are being renovated. Alas, it's still the most viable supermarket in BGC because Marketplace has an overly limited range of products and Robinson's at Forbestown isn't that much better (and both are managed by the same group). That leaves Market! Market and...that's still Market! Market! with even fewer food options for me.