02CD5: Work Nerdery


Friday Sunday

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1217

This was a pretty good workweek. Despite a lot of changes in our workflow, operations still ran smoothly enough. We got a lot of feedback on the new processes but nothing too concerning. And I...got to study yet another application which may lead to more process changes.

Who am I kidding? It WILL lead to more changes, but hopefully it'll be smoother in the long run. I'm pretty sure it will, but going through two change efforts in the same time period may feel a little crazy, but I think we'll be able to persevere. I trust in the team...plus we're kinda bonkers. But in the best way.

The past few months have involved a lot of thinking about the business and I kind of wish I were at liberty to blog about it more. It's honestly quite exciting (at least for some of us?) and Tobie already gets regular updates on what I've read or what we're trying out at work. 

At the very least, my sister and I get to geek out about all this together as we're both working on the business along with the rest of the team, so that's something. Or maybe I need to find industry-adjacent friends that I can talk to about all this without potentially compromising company secrets and all that. Or maybe I really should invest time in participating in like the LinkedIn groups related to the books we've been reading...but I'm really not the best at interacting with strangers online, haha.

I'm a work nerd. And proud of it!

In other news, I've been contemplating blogging about the recent social media hullabaloo about that drag performance, but it feels like I'll just be adding to the noise. To be fair, I want to focus more on the usual social media cycle more than the incident itself, which may be of value - assuming anyone opts to read that blog post, should I get around to writing it.

But we all have better things to do. Like playing tabletop games all weekend.