02CD4: Thursday Productivity

Thursday Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1216

The weather has still been rather bad today and there's still a lot of reports of flooding around the city and such. Thankfully the weather-related complications didn't significantly impact our work operations today, but there were still a few folks who were offline here and there. At least no one had to commute given we're fully remote for our local operations.

It was a rather interesting day, although I can't go into details in terms of the most interesting stuff. What I can say is that I really had a lot of brain work today ranging from new ad campaigns, to working on reports, and needing to wear my IT hat. And we still have one more day to go before this workweek comes to a close. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

For tonight, I'm still trying to process the last of the videos from the O Bar Pride event last Saturday. There's a lot of good stuff there and then I still have the Precious birthday videos waiting. And I gotta strike while the iron is hot - or at least while the international community is still trying to translate the Meet the Queens videos for DRPH Season 2. I'm already seeing an uptick in views, which means I really want to make sure that they can see just how amazing the O Divas are as the spotlight returns to Philippine drag in the weeks to come.