02CD1: Drained Monday

Monday O Bar Show

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1213

So we attended the birthday show of the one and only Precious Paula Nicole at O Bar last night and it was quite a spectacular show. Positioned as a fund-raising event for the Golden Gays, the show wasn't just about showcasing her unique artistry but also celebrating a lot of her friends and mentors as part of her drag journey, which meant quite the diverse cast of guests and first-time performers on the O Bar stage. Going out on a Sunday night before a work day is never a great idea, but it was totally worth the struggle this time around.

Thus it was a rather rough Monday for both me and Tobie. We attended our meetings and got through the more urgent stuff, but we definitely felt like we weren't at our best. We'll just have to make up for any of those inefficiencies tomorrow.

I was tempted to schedule a massage for tonight given the aches and pains we've been feeling here and there after last night's event. But given how our day actually panned out, it felt more prudent to just allocate more time to go to bed earlier and catch up on rest. I don't necessarily think we'll sleep significantly longer this way - I have a nasty tendency to always wake up within 6 hours of having gone to bed for some reason. 

All that's left for tonight is to wash the dinner dishes and maybe wait up for the second load of laundry I decided to run today. But at the rate we're going, I don't think we'll bother to wait up for it.