02CCF: Game Adoption

Saturday Autobahn Gaming

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1211

We had a few friends over for a fun game night last night even if we only really got to play two games. Depending on the game day, we either feel inclined to go with shorter, quicker games in order to rack up more hits or we go with longer, more complex games because they're so darn good. Last night was a two-game night because we went for two pretty involved games. No real regrets.

Last night's games included The Manhattan Project and Autobahn, the latter being a newer game that took a LOT of time to get through. It was only our second time to play that game and the first time for our guests, so that made for a longer game. I'm still enamored by the game mechanics that drive that highway-building game even if the components are a mixed bag of cute and not-so-ideal. The gaming hobby is such a diverse one.

Today I was assaulted by the existence of a Monty Python character expansion for Zombicide, which is funnily a game that we don't particularly like. But I do love Monty Python and the miniatures they've made for the game are absolutely adorable so...we'll see how things pan out. I've pre-ordered it even if we don't have a copy of the base game and won't actually be able to play it. One thing at a time, of course. I'll just be happy to own a copy.

Then I really need to stop looking at Kickstarter for new games because I end up backing games from publishers I've never heard of because I want to give them a shot. I keep "adopting" indie publishers that seem to be scrappy and happily dedicated to the board game hobby even before I get to play any of their games. I've gotten lucky here and there, but it won't always be the case. I've yet to back a game that I've regretted - well, at least not beyond regretting all the money I keep spending on these things.

Anyway, that's that. Saturday has been pretty light since we ended up resting. We were supposed to meet a new friend for games, but he had to cancel because of a family thing. At the very least, we needed more chill time and we got to watch Nimona, which we generally enjoyed. We'll try to learn how to play a few more games tonight and then see how things go from there.