02CCC: Mid-Week Scheduling

Wednesday Pork Chop Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1208

It's the middle of the week and Tobie has finally gotten a chance to resume his mid-week RPG campaign after a 2-month hiatus because of all of our recent travel. I was hoping to have used this time to meet up with an old classmate who is back in town after being in the US for years, but scheduling around family will always be a complex affair. So our tentative after-dinner coffee plans have become a morning coffee meet-up before I start work for the day, so we'll see how that goes. There's still a modest chance that his schedule will change again before tomorrow, and then it'll be too late as he flies back to the US on Friday.

I had really wanted to bring him and his partner to O Bar, but scheduling hasn't been kind. Had I not had a Taipei trip last week, maybe we could have squeezed in an O Bar night last weekend. But such is not the case, and so we have to power through. It would be nice to see him again, but I would also understand if ended up with us not getting to catch up during this particular trip. I never want to impose when it comes to situations like this. Coming back home after years of being away means that family needs to take priority.

On the domestic front, I have fully worked through the last of our Taiwan laundry backlog. The last load of darks is on our couch to air out and get some sun come the morning because even with a dryer, clothes are never fully dry fresh out of the machine. I kind of wish that I had paced things better so that I'd have a proper load to wash tomorrow, but I kind of attacked the mountain of clothes rather aggressively. I had even washed clothes that we had used in the days since we had gotten back to the Sietch, so our closets and drawers are pretty full with freshly washed clothes. 

Add in the fact that Tobie was able to settle our weekly groceries today to make up for Tuesday night's aborted run, the Sietch is properly back in order. And it's just as well, as we're expecting to entertain guests this weekend as we resume our game nights and continue to celebrate our particular brand of geekery. The only thing left to complete things would be a proper O Bar run, and we're actually going to do just that on Sunday given a birthday event that had been scheduled then, 

Life is good.