02CCB: Twitter Burning

Tuesday SM Installation

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1207

The weather remains very unpleasant as of late. It wasn't great before we went to Taiwan and it didn't seem to get any better upon our return. I think there were mornings in Taipei that definitely felt a lot hotter than in Manila, but we still have significant humidity that does something else to make it feel worse. Dry heat doesn't typically feel quite as bad as humid heat for one reason or another. And I just wish we'd get to the rainier part of the year without necessarily the increased frequency of storms. 

Other weird things in the past week - Twitter is getting really crappy. Non-verified (read: free) users can now only view a limited number of tweets per day (mainly via the official apps) and this is somehow being leveraged to get more people to pay for the service. There are the official reasons for this, and there are the internet speculations related to unpaid server bills and things like that. And today, they've just announced that access to the Tweetdeck app will only be made available to verified (read: paid) accounts.

I've been using Twitter for a VERY long time and it occupies a unique niche in my social media use. I've given up on the likes of Plurk and Snapchat, but Twitter is still there. It's a weird mix of being a great source of real-time news, an opportunity to interact with big brands and celebrities, and...very horny at times. And I don't know if any other platform will occupy that niche or if we actually need another platform to do that.  

There were the discussions of shifting to things like Mastodon, but the learning curve was a little beyond your average Twitter user. Meta is launching its own service this week, but I don't know if that'll necessarily satisfy people. Some folks are steeling themselves for Instagram which feels very wrong. Some are even resorting to just exchanging Telegram handles as if one-to-one messaging is the best solution for things.

For now, we'll just see how things will play out. To some degree, it's less about the platform itself and more about seeing just how badly Elon Musk is going to muck things up. There's no doubt that he's a very intelligent man, but he has been doing a lot of really stupid things over the past year and it's hard to not watch the train wreck.