02CC7: Friday Activities

Friday Emotions

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1203

Last night's company event went pretty well. There were inevitably some technical hiccups as we had booked a KTV space in order to have a venue large enough for our whole group. We had a major language barrier with the staff and we needed them to allow us to connect a laptop to their projector in order to flash our slides and run our videos. We had to rely on mobile data to stream a pretty long video as the venue didn't have WiFi to share with us. The list goes on and on. But one way or another, we managed to celebrate our 10th anniversary with nearly the entire company.  

We mostly stayed in today because Tobie still had work to juggle and it rained pretty hard in the afternoon. And that was fine as I was still feeling pretty drained from the past few days of work-related efforts and a day in is never a bad thing. I had some quality time with the nephews in the afternoon and then Tobie and I finally watched A Quiet Place Part II while eating a late lunch. 

Tonight we decided to take another walk around the area, especially since the rain had finally abated. We finally explored the more creative stores inside the Red House and browsed the tent stalls of the Ximending Night Market. Then we made the rounds of the bars around the Red House including scouting the infamous Locker Roomm with his gogo boy shower shows. We had no plans of actually going though and eventually ended up at G2 Paradise for some drinks and bar chow for dinner. The whole area had a strong Malate vibe (IYKYK), and we just wanted to see what a Friday night was like.

But there really wasn't all that much going on beyond people eating and drinking and we didn't stay too long. We have an early start tomorrow because of a big excursion that had been planned with the rest of the team and we'll need to get up early for that. Plus it's not like there were any drag shows active around the Red House - apparently, those happen on Saturdays around 07:00pm, which feels crazily early. But we'll see if we'll still have the energy to check that out after the day trip.