02CC6: Flight Tracking

Thursday Breakfast

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1202

Today has been a lighter day, which is good since we're saving up our energy for tonight's company dinner. This is the formal start of the company incentive trip and behind-the-scenes our admin team has been moving mountains to get our entire team across two countries gathered here in Taiwan. We don't have a heavy agenda for the company trip...except for the big dinner tonight.

In the meantime, Tobie still has work and I'm fussing over tracking everyone's progress across different flights, airport transfers, and whatnot. I don't think anything seriously bad will happen, but it helps to be prepared for any eventuality when you have so many of your people traveling at the same time. 

But as mentioned yesterday, Tobie and I don't exactly have major plans for the rest of the trip. I spent a better part of today working on my O Bar video backlog and I may continue to do that across the weekend. I've also been reading whenever possible because I'm so behind on my reading goals as of late. 

Ultimately, we're going to take it easy. Beyond a planned excursion with the team on Sunday, I don't think we'll leave the immediate Ximending area all that much. We're very exciting people that way.