02CC5: Shifting to Lighter Things

Wednesday Workshop Snacks

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1201

We still had a full day of work here in Taiwan, but this represents the bulk of the work that we need to get done. I should be able to relax for a better part of this trip, but I suspect that I'll still find myself worrying about work stuff here and there or I may just invest some free time in getting ahead of next week's mounting workload. 

We do still have a company dinner tomorrow once the rest of the team gets here, but beyond that, our trip agenda is pretty wide open. We've made some tentative plans to explore different LGBT spaces in the area on Friday and Saturday nights, but that leaves the rest of the week for just about anything. We may end up tagging along with other excursions that people set up here and there or Tobie and I may just wander off on our own should we find something of interest. 

Tobie still has work tomorrow, so I may try to keep him company more given my own desire to catch up on some work. Then there are my nephews to consider and the desire to spend more time with them as well because...they're my nephews. I do want to get them particular toys or nicknacks in the area, so that'll force me outside before dinner. We'll see how things pan out.