02CC4: Tourism By Opportunity

Tuesday Boar Planter

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1200

It's our day in Taipei, Taiwan, and...we haven't seen much. To be fair, this earlier part of the trip is dedicated to a 2-day work-related workshop for me and Tobie is still technically working remotely, so we really haven't a lot of time. It's fortunate that our hotel is right in the middle of the Ximending area as it's quite an interesting tourist attraction in itself.

So after a full day of work, Tobie and I walked around the area just to see what there is to see with promises to ourselves of places we'll go back to later on in the trip. We're here until Sunday, so we have a fair amount of flexibility in this regard. But yeah, we're still working on squeezing in proper tourist time. It's just funny to note how many photo booths, claw and gatcha machines and tea shops there are in the area. Plus a crazy number of self-competing 7-Elevens.

After a very hearty hotpot dinner with the team, we did allocate time to walk over to see the LGBT-friendly bars around the Red House, just to get a better idea of the nightlife here. Of course, there wasn't exactly a lot going on given it's a Tuesday night, but the little courtyard does give a very strong old Malate vibe in terms of providing some pretty chill places for queer people to drink and hang out. I'm not sure if it's necessarily our scene, but there is the promise of drag shows come the weekend at some of the places, so maybe we'll make the time to go then just to see what there is to see. 

I still have a full day of work tomorrow while Tobie has the holiday, so we'll see how that plays out.