02CC1: Gathering Pride Energy

Saturday Keto Munchkins

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1197

It's Pride Weekend and social media is overflowing with rainbows. The Quezon City government has launched a "Right to Care Card" that codifies a process for securing special power of attorney for LGBT couples so they can make medical decisions for one another. What an interesting turn of events.

We had fun with our game night last night even though we only really tackle two games. We first had another opportunity to introduce a friend to the joys of Trickerion, although we fudged one of the rules because it's one of those sorts of games. But it was still a lot of fun and I have no regrets that we own the collector's edition for that game. Then we wrapped things up with a lengthy crawl through Clank! Catacombs, which is sort of becoming a favorite version of Clank!. But maybe I just need to play more of Clank! in Space to balance things out.

We haven't done much today but that's fine. After we had finished playing last night, we started setting aside the clothes we plan to bring to Taiwan. They're living in a heap on the dining table for now and just need to get squared away in our luggage to get that settled. We tried to sleep in since we'll be up late tonight. I stepped out for some supplies for the trip because I get a little anal about things. And then we had our weekly Sariwon lunch while watching another episode of Hospital Playlist

Now we've been chilling with different things ordered off of Grab while working through the last season of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We're not quite hungry but we know we need to eat because we want to make our way to O Bar earlier than usual in order to make sure we secure our table before the crowds really come in. And given how successful the two Pride Marches appear to have been, I'm sure energy is going to be high for a lot of people. as much as we've reserved a table, big event nights like this make table reservations feel like a pittance once everyone squeezes into the bar and try to get closer to the stage...which is where our table usually is.

Dinner time now. Proper Pride celebrating in a bit.