02CBF: Core Memory

Thursday Core Values Challenge

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1195

Every now and then I make reference to a lot of changes going on at work, One of the big initiatives was codifying our Core Values and creating a campaign to promote those values. I got to lead the team driving this particular quarterly initiative and they put together one heck of a campaign. Something like a core values launch could have been limited to a series of emails and a few announcements at different town hall meetings. Instead, they came up with a pretty robust communications plan, original mascots to represent the values, and one heck of a virtual activity that had the whole company running around our virtual office as they faced different challenges tied to the theme. 

It was amazing. 

This all just speaks to the awesome people we have at work and the unique brand of passion that defines the company culture. And I know we'll just go even further with all the initiatives we have in place and the strategy we've laid out. We've gotten this far mainly on gumption and drive. Now we're coupling that energy with a more structured plan and other bells and whistles. 

I'm just super happy with what they accomplished and I'm amazingly proud of the team. We're all going to meet up in person for a big company event and I know I'll need to take the team out to better show my appreciation. They deserve all the recognition and more.

I love my job. I love our company so much. 


  1. You have a company culture that others can only dream of. So proud of you, love love.


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