02CBB: Father's Day Gaming

Sunday Tapestry
Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1191

This has been quite the weekend for gaming. We had our all-night gaming meet-up with the FGTC and managed to play through a very interesting mix of games. I had been worried that the burden of teaching games would weigh heavily on my shoulders more than others, but our special group of friends still had more than enough options to ensure that even I got to learn a new game taught by someone else.

It was quite an impressive roster of games for the night. We played Reef Rescue, Don't L.L.A.M.A. Dice, Tapestry, Viticulture, Wavelength, Metro X, and finally Walking in Burano. The game that left the biggest impact on me was Tapestry, but that's probably because of how much of a Civilization geek that I am and how I appreciate games like Through the Ages. I think I'm going to make a serious effort to get us a copy of the game to add to our already impressive roster of games.

Then today for Father's Day I was set to meet up with the family for lunch and gaming. However, the initial plan to drop by the Sietch to let Dad see our collection of board games in person turned into the family spending most of the day here to talk games, have lunch, and play as many games as possible.

After a quick Nanyang delivery, we played through Fluxx, Kingdomino, Codenames, and Tokaido. Then we moved to the parent's place so that I could walk Dad through the Bismarck Solitaire game book and one round of Jaws. It made for a very fun day and we wrapped up just in time for me to make my way home before Tobie's arrival.

He's talking to me on the phone as I wrap up this blog, so this marks a very good ending for this weekend.