02CBA: Gaming Agendas

Saturday Anachrony

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1190

It was only two of us playing board games last night, so it was a good opportunity to learn new games. Our big one for the night was Anachrony, which is an unusual time-traveling game that involves trying to escape a dying world by borrowing resources from your dystopian future. I didn't do quite as well as hoped, but I still need to fully learn how things work. That took up most of the night, so we stuck to lighter games for the rest of the night. We played Don't L.L.A.M.A. Dice and Reef Rescue, both of which provided a lot of fun despite being fairly small box games. 

This morning we had our bi-weekly family book club meeting. Our current title, If We Were Villains, is still working up steam and we're not quite sure how good it's going to be overall. But the book still inspired a pretty hearty discussion, which is what any book club is really good for. It's not the book - it's the people who spend time with to discuss the book. 

Before we wrapped up last night's game night, we prepared what games I'll bring for today's FGTC game session. This morning I also worked out what games to bring to tomorrow's family gaming as our Father's Day activity. So Now there are 6 different reusable grocery bags filled with board games but separated into two separate clusters so I don't mix them up. 

The weekend promises to be quite fun indeed. And Tobie is already at the Geneva airport gearing up for his lengthy journey home. He should be back around the same time I finish my gaming day with the family. 

Just a little bit more.