02CB9: Craving Normalcy

Friday Max's

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1189

End of the week! Today wasn't quite as busy as the other days, but I still had a lot of things that I needed to work through anyway. I still haven't finished reading Impact Players and today I focused more on researching other tools we could use at work to support our ongoing initiatives. And as I've said before, everything that I do that is tied to those larger goals really excites me. That's what keeps me going - interesting work.

Figuring out what to eat continues to be a bit of a struggle. I know this is just me being cranky that Tobie is away. I'm more emotional than I'd like to admit, especially during times like this. Maybe this is just me being romantic. Maybe this is more about me being obsessive and being uncomfortable that my routine is not back in place yet. And the human experience is diverse enough that I can totally attribute my irritability to both aspects.

The balancing act involves distractions whether through hobbies or through the support of friends. We're fortunate that we have at least one geeky friend who lives in the same condo as we do. And others are close enough to come for things like our weekend game nights - like tonight.

So I'm going get through the next few days through as many geeky activities as possible and then next week will be back to normal.

Have a good, normal weekend, everyone.