02CB8: Inconsistency

Thursday Corned Beef

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1188

My streak of very busy workdays continues, but the end is in sight. And that's more because the weekend is near and not that the work as a whole is going away. The third week is one of our heaviest weeks given we conduct several monthly reviews around this time...so there's a lot more work ahead. But at the same time, all this work is rather invigorating on a personal level and I'm more than happy to put in the work and see where things will go. 

My meals as of late feel...a little uninspired. Or maybe it's because I'm preparing most of my meals without Tobie sharing the load, and I'm getting a little bored of my own food alone. I've been ordering out for some of my meals and that helps, but the eating experience just isn't as fun without Tobie, I suppose. The Sietch routine is very, very off-kilter without him around and I'm just trying to hold on until he gets back this weekend.

I'm still watching House for comfort. I tried a different supplier for keto snacks and that left me feeling rather mixed about it. But hey, it made for some interesting eating at the very least.

I have a lot of O Bar videos pending processing, but instead, I curated Google Photos creations to produce Instagram Reels of my nephews. I'm behind in my reading and I haven't been reading as much either. I'm a little all over the place this week. 

Just a few more days.