02CB7: House Call

Wednesday Adobo Lunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1187

Today has been another full work day. My total time in meetings is rather...significant. But it reflects the many important things going on at work and our efforts to help transform into an even better company. But man, this sort of thing takes a LOT of work. And we're just going to have to keep on going.

With Tobie out of the country and in a different time zone, our ability to watch shows together is pretty much zero. We have the occasional video call or at least a voice call via whatever service when his roaming data is spotty. But again, TV shows are out of the question. We could squeeze this in at times when I'm in Singapore and he's at home, but I was pretty busy during the last trip so we didn't watch any shows then.

TikTok keeps serving my clips from The Good Doctor, and had it still been on Netflix I probably would have started watching that. But it's not on Netflix anymore...it's on Amazon Prime Video. And you know what else is on Prime? House.

I've watched the first season of House maybe 3 times now but overall I've only gone as far as around Season 4 for one reason or another. Don't criticize me - it was the DVD era. Plus it got weird when they started changing his team on a regular basis. But I still like the show - at least the first three seasons for sure. Maybe I'll eventually watch the whole show.

House, at the moment, is comfort viewing. It's something I can work through even without Tobie because we've watched these same few seasons together. And knowing that does feel a bit reassuring in a way. I'm not jumping ahead and watching something without him - we had even agreed not to start a new K-Drama in the week before my trip to avoid extended delays. 

He'll be home in a few days. Then things will be back to normal.

At least until the next trip.