02CB6: Tuesday Ups and Downs

Tuesday SaladStop!

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1186

Looking back at my calendar for today, I was really busy. I had nearly back-to-back meetings for most of the day plus additional deliverables that I needed to get out. I don't know how I had managed to cook my sinigang for lunch, jump into a meeting, and then squeeze in actually eating my lunch before going to yet another meeting. This Tuesday felt rather Monday.

The main thing I was looking forward to was catching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse with a friend...but things didn't quite go as planned. Said friend had car trouble in the afternoon and it turned out to be way serious. He officially canceled pretty close to show time when I was already having dinner near the movie theater.

I sent out a few hail Mary posts on social to see if anyone would take the offer, but no dice. Admittedly, my mood was already souring at that point as I really don't like watching movies alone. And I was steeling myself to watch this movie solo and then write about the experience in a blog post. But at the last minute, our neighbor caught up and joined me even if he had already seen the movie. And that only makes a small difference - it just means I had someone sitting beside me during the movie. But...it helped.

And what I really needed was the conversation during the walk home and having someone to talk to about the movie just when my brain was on fire with everything fresh in my mind. That's the best part of the cinema movie experience.

But I'm definitely going to wait for Tobie to get back before catching the new Transformers movie. The rollercoaster of emotions from finding someone to watch Spider-Verse with, losing that option at the last minute and only confirming someone else could go at the very last minute was a bit much.