02CB4: A Different Weekend

Sunday Pandemic

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1184

So I went to O Bar alone last night, and that was quite the experience. I can't remember the last time that I ever headed out for a club/bar night alone, which really says more about how much of my life has been spent in a relationship. I don't miss the hassle of securing a ride via public transportation and all that, but it wasn't as terrible as feared for a rainy Saturday night.

I will concede that I should set a disclaimer for what being "alone" at O Bar is for me, which is really not having a table of our own and not being with members of our core group of friends. But I'm never entirely without people to stay with and last night I got to share a table with the owners, which offered really great views of the show for my YouTube videos. But beyond that, it was clear that between the long weekend and the rainy weather, a lot of friends had made other plans for the night. So there weren't as many familiar faces as hoped. Breaking our normal O Bar routine felt very outside my comfort zone but it was still a good night.

I'm not sure if I'll willingly do this again, but O Bar is O Bar and we'll always end up there again. I haven't figured out my plans for Friday night this week, so anything is still possible.

Today I joined the family for lunch and a full day of board games. I had no other gaming plans for the day, so this was a very welcome activity, especially given how much we've been talking about all the games that Dad wants to try. We went through a number of his games of interest including Robinson Crusoe, Pandemic, Jaipur, and finally Love Letter, and it made for very interesting gaming. I still felt the pressure of handling the teach for all these games, but it was still fun in the end. 

And with Tobie not yet due to get back to Manila until very late Sunday night, it looks like we'll also spend Father's Day playing more games. 

Now I just have to get through the rest of the week without thinking too much about being home alone without Tobie.