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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1183

As of the time of this writing, Tobie has flown to Abu Dhabi, transferred to a plane to Geneva, and has taken a train from there to France. It's quite the epic little journey with a lot of the hallmarks of what we'd expect from a European adventure. It is somewhat ironic that we've been playing the Horror on the Orient Express campaign for Call of Cthulhu since our recent story episodes have taken our story characters to a town rather close to Tobie's actual destination.

With Tobie out, I've been doing my best to fill up the time with good company and other activities. I spent last night playing board games with close friends. Today I visited the parents and got myself a foot spa. And just this afternoon I got to meet up with an online friend for even more board games. Tomorrow, I've scheduled a full board game day with the family as we further explore the hobby together given recent interest they've expressed, which is pretty cool.

With all that settled, tonight I'm trying to make my way to O Bar alone...which may be a bit of a challenge given inclement weather. Catching a Grab Car on a Saturday night is already challenging on its own, what more with rain-related traffic clogging up the city. But hey wish me luck - it has been a while since I've ventured out alone. I'll join other O Bar friends once there, but the actual journey already feels a bit odd. 

At least Tobie and I are able to chat again. His data roaming is properly kicked in now that he's no longer flying in this or that plane and I'm excited about the week ahead. I'll be fine here in the Sietch, of course. It's all that can be expected given the circumstances.