02CAC: Domestic Gravitation

Saturday Dougie

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1176

As predicted, this was a pretty chill Saturday. After a week away in Malaysia, we didn't really want go out and we just spent a lot of time indoors or within the immediate neighborhood. I still managed to hit my step goals given I'm actually staying at the office, so I need to walk down the street to my sister's place in order to interact with people. And at least that gets me going.

I woke up early enough and eventually made my way over for breakfast with the family. My older nephew now automatically says "Hi, Uncle!" whenever I show up at their place, which is terribly endearing and I love it so much. We had our bi-weekly family book club meeting and that was fun, as always. Beyond that, it was just more playtime with the nephews before it was time for a nap.

I got some errands done at Great World City first. Then I walked back and felt like a total nerd for wanting to finish some overdue reports as I had promised myself yesterday. I got the three reports done and felt better for it - I still need to find time to work on a media strategy deck that I'll be walking a client through come Monday so we'll see how that goes.

Once I had settled that, I went back to hang out with the family some more and play with the boys. They're quite handful in different ways and adapting to the needs of each is a fun challenge in itself. But hey, that's why I'm here outside fo work stuff. And then we had dinner across the street and back again.

This would have been a nice night to go out to O Bar, and I'm glad that Tobie is doing just that. I'll live somewhat vicariously through him. I'll also work on processing another batch of videos tonight so I don't feel major FOMO. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!