02CAA: Wrapping Up Malaysia

Thursday Banana Bro (just becase)

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1174

So today was the last day of our workshop/conference, but it rather paled in comparison versus the first two days. This can't be helped - the main meat of the workshop was conducted by the author of the book. Today's smorgasbord of talks was only facilitated by the local partner who staged the event so...yeah. I think the most polite way to say things is: maybe we just weren't the target market. I still sat through all the talks for today just in case of surprise insight. At the very least, I got to make some headway on the next business book I'm reading.

This week away from our regular work duties was an interesting change of pace - something that I'm appreciating more and more as we continue to invest a bit more time and effort on thinking about the future of the business as opposed to just running it. It's hard to see where things can go when you're buried in the minutia of the daily work grind and anyone should take some time away to figure things out a bit more. And man, do I have a LOT that I need to get done in the days, weeks, and months to come.

We're going to lose a large chunk of tomorrow as it'll be a lengthy drive back to Singapore from Malaysia. At least that means more reading time for me in the van, so I'll sort of always be productive one way or another. And we're bound to continue to talk through our ideas for the company along the way, as is often our habit. Despite the local holiday, I do hope to make some time to catch up on some work tasks that I've deferred before the conference. I have a number of meetings lined up next week that would go a lot easier if I invested some time this weekend for those reports and presentations. But we'll see if I'll manage to find the motivation for any of that.

I allotted myself a full weekend in Singapore for this trip and it looks like we'll potentially have some fun activities with the nephews to make up for us being away for the week.