02CA8: Matter-Loading Tuesday

Tuesday Tony Roma's Steak

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1172

The first conference workshop day was a LOT, but I have no regrets. It's one thing to read a very compelling business book, another to sign up for the coaching program related to the book, and a whole other level of things when you get to attend a 2-day workshop conducted by the author himself. It has been the kind of thing that is keeping us super busy the whole day that we're unable to escape to check on work in-between stuff. But that's probably a very good thing as it just speaks to the value of what we're going through.

I'm still taking most of my notes digitally via Notion instead of using the printed workbook, which is really just the speaker's slides printed out with accompanying lines for writing notes. I tried scribbling things here and there but found my handwriting to be horrendous, especially since we're a bit cramped at the table so I'm trying my best to keep my arms close to me while writing. 

Notion is still quite the delight to use, but I'm pretty sure I'm still not maximizing its value as a potential second-brain application if you're familiar with that whole movement. I'll need to find time to figure that out - maybe when I'm not so preoccupied with reading more business books in order to glean new insights relevant to what I'm trying to accomplish with the company. No one book has all the answers and threre's significant value in reading more titles and cross-referencing as much as possible. 

We'll have another solid day of work tomorrow and then additional talks come Thursday, so this is quite the busy week. At least we have a work holiday on Friday, although I suspect I'll still be using some of that time to catch up on all the regular work we're potentially missing this week. 

Also, I have been on and off keto this week, which is always a challenge when traveling or with limited food options. And given Malaysia is a country where pork is a rarity because of religious reasons, my usual keto go-tos aren't available and my body can process only so much chicken in a 24-hour period.