02CA7: Travel Nesting

Monday Hotel Room

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1171

So...I'm now in Malaysia. 

One of the big things this trip wasn't just Singapore-focused (as is typical), but a special conference we're attending related to a big initiative at work this year. It's a fairly big event and it looks like we have maybe about 100 attendees from around the region. But if the kickoff dinner is any indication, this week is still going to involve a lot of work and not just us sitting back and listening to speakers all day. That's still pretty exciting, of course, but it also means we're going to have to invest a LOT of energy into the next few days.

This is again one of those rare times that I'm actually in a hotel room as opposed to just bunking with my sister. It's a little weird since hotels never quite feel like home, especially when you're alone. Initially, I paired my phone with the TV just for the purpose of playing music. But as I was playing music from my O Bar-related playlist, I ended up playing my actual O Bar videos on YouTube instead for more of a visual experience. Plus O Bar always feels like home and this is rather helping.

Today was also eaten up by travel, but that's okay. We have an early start tomorrow (and the rest of the week), so I'll have to wrap up here and try to manage things better such that I get to write more or something. This week mainly involves me in generally in Kuala Lumpur. Then I'll be back in Singapore by the weekend.