02C9F: Heavy Gaming

Sunday Maglev Metro

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1163

So last night was our monthly meet-up with our FGTC gaming group and wow, it was quite the night. We had a somewhat expanded mix of players for this session with a new person joining us and another back from out of town although another had an event and wasn't able to attend. But on the whole, it still meant a fun mix of players for different games and a surprising amount of laughter. 

Our game line-up for last night included Chope!, Insider, Citadels, Lost Ruins of Arnak (with the Expedition Leaders expansion), Roll Player, Star Trek Super-Skill Pinball, Monikers, Maglev Metro, and Upon a Fable. It was pretty impressive that we managed to play so many games, especially since Tobie and I had to teach pretty much all of the games to the group as we had brought a lot of games that we wanted to share with them. And we had gone as far as learning these games beforehand ourselves in order to be able to teach them during then FGTC game night. But that's just how these game nights go - and it's also why we end up playing until sunrise.

We were supposed to have an online RPG session today, but some of the players weren't able to make it, which was unfortunate. So instead, we opted to invest time in learning how to play Autobahn, one of our newer games. It was a Kickstarter project that I had backed because it promised a fulfilling Euro game experience, but that often means something complicated that takes a fair amount of time. 

We go through this cycle with any new games. Lighter ones might be the sort that we can even bring to game nights and learn how to play them on the fly. Others require that we set aside a few hours to go over the rules together and play a learning game as a sort of trial by fire. No matter how many how-to-play videos we watch or how many times we read and re-read the game manual, we won't fully understand a game until we play. And the more complex the game, the more time we need to test all the little intricacies and see how it really comes together. 

But now we have to get ready for another workweek ahead. Good luck, everyone.