02C9A: Busy Braining

Tuesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1158

I need to remind myself that the third week of every month is going to be particularly busy at work. It's part of our efforts to engage people more but also keep closer tabs on the business as a whole. But of course, it's a lot of important work. It just so happens there's a lot of other stuff in motion this week as well and we're all still trying to figure out the balance of things.

So getting all the way to the end of the day with all of my priorities for the day resolved definitely had me feeling good at the end. Then we all have to do it all again tomorrow.

The Sietch is back in order, as it should be. It only took a bit of time after Tobie got home for things to feel back to normal, save for him being really tired from a day lost to travel. Today was obviously a lot better once Tobie had a full night's sleep under his belt. We both still had to get through work (obviously), but means nice cozy things like I got to prepare coffee for us and lunch meant cooking for two again. And it's the little things that can feel like the world to you when you really stop to appreciate things. 

In other news, I'm beginning to obsess a bit about mapping out a new phone. Apart from the cracks on the screen, my current phone is still fully functional, so I know I shouldn't exactly rush to replace it. But the notion of getting the screen replaced (again!) feels like a course of action that has diminishing returns as third-party parts just aren't as durable as original stuff and official Samsung replacement parts seem to cost nearly as much as a phone. 

So the prime candidates in the Android world are the Google Pixel 7 (Pro?) and the Samsung S23 (Ultra?) Both are the current flagship phones with very different approaches to handling a phone. Samsung's stuff seems to have superior hardware, especially when you go for the full Ultra experience. Google has decent stuff but seems to leverage software to attempt to bridge the gaps in its hardware solutions. But reviewers are saying that the Pixel is now the literally smartest smartphone on the market in terms of how well integrated Google Assistant is into things and other fun bits and bobs.

I'm probably going to spend a few more months researching things in order to delay making a decision for as long as possible. And by then...maybe the Pixel 8 will be out and some new iteration of Samsung's phones and I can go through the entire cycle of research and internal argument all over again.