02C99: Renewed Sietch Balance

Monday Thai Soft Shell Crab

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1157

After a fairly significant delay, Tobie's finally back home and all is well at the Sietch. Naturally, he was pretty tired from the long day of travel and we'll need to sleep earlier than our unhealthy usual time in order to help him catch up. But at least he's home.

We also made sure to go to the grocery after I had finished work as I had worked through most of our consumables in the time he was away. Monday night grocery runs are rarely as fulfilling as a proper weekend grocery run, but it'll have to do for now. 

What's important is that Tobie is home and things no longer feel off-kilter. It's strange that I don't feel as weird when I'm traveling - probably because when I'm in Singapore I'm at least with family and my nephews keep me preoccupied. It's rare that Tobie is the one who leaves me behind at the Sietch, but it looks like things are normal enough for even his company to start sending them on trips.