02C97: Gaming Continues

Saturday Namiji

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1155

With Tobie away...the gaming continues.

For Friday night, I got to leverage our new neighbor connection to find someone to play games with for the night. Was definitely feeling the end-of-week fatigue, so I kept things a little light in terms of game choices. But I was also rather determined to introduce new games and take advantage of some of our specifically two-player games like Lost Cities

I found myself focusing on smaller card games to keep the game count running, so we played Dog Lover, Kopi King, and Hawker Wars but also somewhat more in-depth games like Namiji and Welcome To. At least it made my Friday night still feel more "productive" as far as weekends go. 

Today we have a longer game night planned and I'm just waiting for friends to arrive at the Sietch. I somehow slept in a bit despite the rather intense summer heat and re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. while eating leftover adobo. I'm pretty keen on today's gaming and we'll see how things go.

Aside - I dropped my phone while gaming last night and this has resulted in another crack on the screen. I don't know how I had gotten the first crack a month or so ago but this time it was pretty clear when I cracked this one. I may need to get a new screen soon, which is an annoying expense but still cheaper than getting a new phone. All the news of new Google Pixel phones feels rather timely, but it's not like we can easily get our hands on phones like those given Google's lack of a retail presence in this country.

One thing at a time.