02C95: Thursday Night

Thursday Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1153

At the time of this writing, Tobie is on a plane to Cebu for a conference he has been invited to for the weekend. His Cebu Pacific flight took off about an hour after the official flight time, but what else is new, right? At least it's just a domestic flight, so he should be back on the ground soon enough.

I had a pretty good workday. Had a very productive training/workshop session with our leaders and I'm optimistic that this could result in more meaningful change in the long term. We're still practically just at the start of a larger change initiative for the company and we have a lot of different pieces in motion. I'm going to be driving at least two big pieces, not counting what else we'll decide upon in the leadership meetings to come.

Now I just need to get through Friday to round up the week.

I've started re-reading the Annihilation comics as I said I would and just now I've started rewatching the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie since I'm in that sort of a mood. Maybe I'll work my way through all of their MCU appearances over the weekend while Tobie is out.