02C93: Tuesday Items of Consideration

Tuesday Adobo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1151

The weather has been especially punishing these past weeks and it doesn't look like things are going to get significantly better anytime soon. We have the air conditioning on full blast in the daytime and often have the fan on at the same time as well. And I'm sure we're not alone in exercising efforts to cope with the heat. Hence the regular warnings for Metro Manila's power grid along with almost regular power outages in different parts of the metropolis.

Meanwhile, my weekend calendar isn't all that empty thanks to a big gaming session set on Saturday and of course Mother's Day on Sunday. The suggestion of going to O Bar has come up, but I don't look forward to trying that without Tobie at the very least. I'm sure I could handle myself alone, but it definitely wouldn't be as fun. 

So we'll just see how the weekend will go. At the very least, I have no shortage of books and comics to read plus I have some plans for figuring out how to finally organize the newer Legendary expansions that continue to live homeless in the stack of games by one of the shelves.

And now I want to wrap this up so that Tobie and I can play a game or two before bed. with him flying off in a few days, we have to make the most of the time left to us. We're only going to be apart for less than a week, but that'll still disrupt a big chunk of our lives and those leave ripples in the days and weeks to come. Already I'm sorta stressing over us not being able to get the groceries done this weekend since he'll be out of town, but we'll sort through things one way or another.