02C8F: Mega Sale Stories

Friday Mushroom Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1147

So I had a weird 5.5 experience. And it's not like I really go crazy during these mega-sale periods - I mainly do keto-related grocery shopping every month. But for this cycle, there were other considerations that came into play. 

First, I had skipped 4.4 since I was out of town for a few weeks and I wouldn't need more stuff urgently. I had drained those supplies by last week, so 5.5 was quite urgent. But that's within budget, as it were. I had one other incidental purchase planned (don't ask - it was a TikTok thing). My main complaint is that BPI were major cheapskates for this sale cycle and were only offering P200 off a P2000 purchase minimum versus the former P300 off for a P3000 purchase mininum.

But the real kicker for this sale period was something I checked out on the 4th and not the 5th - a new vacuum. Our older Electrolux unit's battery had been slowly dying and my vacuum runs were getting shorter and shorter. By last week, I couldn't even get it to run for a full minute, so a new unit was overdue. And I had been going back and forth over the two units available in the country but their sale behavior was weird even during the payday sale at the end of April.

In this case, the newer model was on sale UNTIL the end of the 4th and then the older model was going on sale starting 5.5. It was only a difference of 1,000 for their sale prices, but I figured it made sense to get the more expensive unit with the hope that it'll be somehow better (or at least last longer) than the slightly lower-end unit. 

And happily, the new vacuum arrived around dinner time tonight, so it's already charging and ready for use. Naturally, I've tried it out even without waiting for a full charge and I appreciate the improvements made in their vacuum technology over the years. However, it does feel stupid that they didn't find a way to store all the accessories within the charging stand. Instead, the vacuum came with a cloth bag. 

Oh well, you can't have it all.