02C8D: Productive Leisure Burden

Wednesday Chicken Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1145

So much of my work life involves tasks and the efficient processing of said tasks as part of a contribution to a larger effort. Any more and more I feel like I need to further organize my home life with tasking efforts.

Thus regular readers may notice that more than a few blog posts tend to end with a promise of what I want to get done for the remainder of the night because I'm essentially tasking myself with stuff that I want to do for leisure. Even now as I compose this entry I'm thinking of all the other things that I want to get done even if they're seemingly light activities like reading comics or going through photos from a previous O Bar night. 

But, it does feel important to better organize things since I sometimes feel like I turn into a media vegetable and just end up watching whatever we have playing on TV and not get things done. The big thing that is bothering me this week is the pile of board games on the couch as the main solution for this is, probably to organize the new shelf so that it is more efficient and can accommodate some of the games waiting around for a home. But I keep not doing it in favor of other things, and then it'll be time for bed.

I'm not quite ready to start assigning proper Google Tasks to myself for these things, but I will skip writing about other things in favor of getting back to the "work" of productive leisure. Plus I still need to burn like another 50 calories or something to achieve the last of my Fitbit goals for the night.