02C8A: Saturated Sunday

Sunday O Bar Core Group

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1142

We lost a lot of today to much-needed rest after gaming late on Friday night and, of course, the big O Bar event last night. While I don't think I had drunk all that much, I still felt pretty weary upon getting home. Add in the fact that we turned on the AC before bed and we slept quite well indeed. I deliberately avoid using the AC during workday nights to avoid this exact problem.

Last night was great for many different reasons. Birthday shows at O Bar are always good and last night's show for Eken was no exception. There were a lot of interesting numbers and a lot of great material. We saw the return of a number of queens from previous O Bar years and it made for a lovely reunion. And while a lot of friends are out of town this weekend at different beaches because of the Labor Day weekend, our little core group was present last night after quite a period of one or another person being unavailable. I love our close circle of friends. Throw in Tobie going on stage to receive a cake from the bar, and it was definitely a good night.

Our afternoon online RPG session didn't push through, but at least we got to try out a hidden movement game with the remaining players. Spies is closer in nature to a roll-and-write game, but without the rolling as it didn't come with a dice mechanic. This did make the game a lot more appropriate for remote play over a video call, so it made for a fun little experience in-between just chatting with the other players about life updates and the craziness of the night before.

I had been tempted to go to O Bar again tonight, but our bodies keep reminding us that this isn't a good idea. We weren't able to drag any friends over for last-minute board games, so it looks like Tobie and I will just try to learn a few more games on our own in order to make the most of the holiday.