02C82: Birthday Weekend Moments

Saturday Birthday Weekend

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1134

Celebrating Tobie's birthday at O Bar well ahead of the actual day is a tricky thing since it confuses some people (triggering early greetings on social media) and people not being sure when exactly they should make time. But we were still committed to celebrating his birthday last night, despite it also being the start of a long weekend for many. A good mix of friends showed up, but it was really the O Boys who made one heck of a difference.

We have a pretty good relationship with most of the performers and other staff at O Bar - enough that we consider many of them to be part of our extended family. So when it comes to our birthdays, we sort of expect something to happen but we never make special arrangements for this sort of thing either. But the folks generally know when we expect to go to O Bar as we schedule things out every month.

While we were pretty sure they'd celebrate Tobie's birthday next week when we're scheduled to go for Eken's birthday drag show event, the O Boys in particular totally surprised us last night. We're used to saying hello to the different performances after the show when they go around the bar to ask for tips. But just as we were going to take our usual photo with the dancers when they visited our table, they brought out this rather large balloon tower and a plate of mixed cake slices as a nice little birthday moment for Tobie. I took a quick video as the big sparkler was lit and it was such a moment. Tobie was absolutely gushing over everything.

I'm sure Tobie is still going to get the classic go-on-stage-for-a-cake moment next Saturday, but this very special and personal moment pulled together by the dancers is going to be the core memory that will stick with Tobie for a very long time.

Definitely a highlight of this birthday weekend.