02C81: Before Tobie's O Bar Night

Friday Keto Cinnamon Roll

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1133

We're about to head off to O Bar for an early birthday celebration for Tobie. His birthday falls in the middle of next week, so an O Bar excursion on the day itself isn't possible. And we have other gaming plans throughout the weekend, so going on a Friday night makes more sense. Plus let's face it, O Bar Fridays are a unique form of awesome in their own right.

In other news, we're in need of a new K-Drama. We just finished Descendants of the Sun yesterday along with the final season of Star Trek: Picard. That leaves us with a fair amount of room in our TV-watching slate. We have no shortage of K-Drama recommendations from friends and family - the real challenge is sorting through the list and actually coming to a decision. 

Not much else to write about this point. Let's see what the weekend has to offer!