02C7E: Another Tuesday

Tuesday Sinigang

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1130

My Google Calendar has reminded me that today's the death anniversary of my biological father. As much as I have a pretty good knack of remembering random things, this remains a date that I don't firmly lock in my head. It's just...there. And I've been seeing it looming in my calendar agenda for some time now but as always I just shunt it aside in order to prioritize more immediate items. To be fair, it has been quite some time since he passed and everything that probably needed to be said has been said at this point. 

But, to some degree, it still sticks out like a sore thumb in my mind. Another year has passed.

In other news, we had a LOT of meetings at work today, but it was a very productive exercise. And in between I still had a lot of other things to address. But the work is interesting and I'm really feeling challenged, which is what anyone should hope for when it comes to work. And for now, I trust that all of our work will contribute to something greater for everyone and maybe even inspire further action and equal enthusiasm.

Cutting things short for now - we're dashing off to the movies to catch About Us But Not About Us before it disappears from the theaters. We could wait for it to hit streaming (as is the case more often these days), but I think this merits a proper cinema experience.